Our Mission

Plunge pool sandgateThe Plunge Pool People (PPP) have a vision of creating your paradise where the only boundaries is your imagination and creativity, keeping a simplistic design. With the advent of smaller properties and larger house layouts, the Pool/Spa can be Positioned in any area and style you desire. Swim jets, water features, bubbling waders, heated and blanketed enclosure can replace the need of traditional larger pools. We can retro-fit with solar blanket or roller system and even automate, therefore, we can provide less on costs, and less on water usage.


Reno 8 mileTired of your old and outdated pool? Why not invest in your asset and update in a whole new image? In the unlikely event the structure is not suitable for an facelift, why not consider filling in, removing or even turning into a water storage tank?


Plunge Pools ClientWe have extensive reach to suppliers/contractors to cover all your need in relation to completing your project

In creating and designing a whole new outdoors experience, our in house landscaping division will provide the complete package, from the comforting tropical scene, to the modern and contemporary design.

The Plunge Pool People can organize and customize quality fencing for any style of pool or spa enclosure. There is a huge range of high-quality product and materials to complement any setting, utilizing glass, aluminum, and timber.